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We offer a comprehensive range of fund administration services to a wide variety of fund types.

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Mauritius has established itself as a leading jurisdiction for setting up and administering
funds. It is widely  recognised by both fund managers and investors and is commonly used for structuring international investments, particularly into Africa and Asia.

Capital Horizons offers a comprehensive range of fund administration services to a wide variety of fund types. These include regulated, unregulated, open & closed end funds, as well as locally domiciled or non-domiciled in Mauritius. We have many years’ experiences servicing real estate, private equity, mezzanine finance, fund of funds investment structures as well as hybrid and bespoke arrangements.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Fund establishment
  • Compliance services
  • Director services
  • Trustee services for Promoters and
  • Listing services
  • Investor services (including due diligence)
  • Fund accounting and financial
  • Corporate governance and company secretarial
  • Preparation of constitutive documents
Other financial services

The Financial Services (Consolidated Licensing and Fees) Rules 2008 set out the licensing framework that provides for a codified list of financial services and financial business activities licensable by the Financial Service Commission of Mauritius. The scope is wide-ranging, covering Investment, Insurance and Pensions, Global Business and Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) which Capital Horizons have secured for a wide portfolio of local and international Firms. These include licenses as asset managers, investment advisors, broker dealer licenses, and CIS managers. Applying for such licenses warrant extensive knowledge of the companies act, the financial services act and the securities act. Duly licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Capital Horizons has been acting and assisting its clients as intermediary with the FSC for the following license applications:

a.Captive Insurance Company

Insurance companies, Insurance Brokers and Insurance Managers are now issued licenses under the Insurance Act 2005. There are several tax benefits from having such licenses, including quick registration procedures, reasonable running costs, and top-class infrastructure.

b.Global Headquarters Administration license

The Financial Services Act 2007 promotes the setting up of ‘Global Headquarters’ and ‘Treasury’ companies in the global business sector. A corporation holding, a ‘Global Headquarters Administration’ license or a ‘Global Treasury Activities’ licence shall benefit from “Global Business” license. Companies holding the license will be granted an 8-year tax holiday.

c.Treasury Management License

Companies holding a ‘Treasury Management Centre License’ delivered by
the FSC will be provided a 5-year tax holiday.

d.Investment Dealer Broker

Brokers are authorised to execute orders from clients to manage portfolios and to give advice on securities transactions to clients.

e.Investment Dealer Discount Broker

These types of brokers are authorised to execute orders for clients without giving advice.

f.Investment Dealer (commodities derivatives)

These are authorised to act as broker in Commodity

g.Investment Dealer (currency derivatives)

These brokers are authorised to act as broker in Currency

h.Investment Advisor (unrestricted)

The Investment Adviser is one of the two classes of Market Intermediaries. The advisor is authorised to manage, under a mandate, portfolios of securities and give

i.Asset Management License

Asset management is an activity where the asset manager manages its clients’ assets. The clients give the asset manager the mandate to run their account at their

j.Investment Banking and Corporate Advisory Licence

This is an umbrella license encompassing the activities of an investment dealer, investment adviser in corporate finance, credit finance, asset management and non-custodian. Banks issued with an ‘Investment Banking and Corporate Advisory License’ are provided with a 5-year tax holiday.