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Enterprise Solutions

A wide range of specialised solutions for all types of businesses.

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Our Enterprise Solutions offer is based on 3 principles:


The success of any business is tightly associated with the success of the corporate management of a company or an organisation. One of the main objectives of corporate management is to efficiently and effectively utilise the resources within a company / an organisation. From policy formulation, finance & budget, coordination, communication, training and development of staff, performance appraisal or even technological development, corporate management shall be tasked with strategic planning and applied so that a company’s objectives are met.

Our philosophy has always been to break the complex into a simple set of tasks which allows you to follow through on the progress of your company at each stage of its life.

This can be broken down into:

1. Pre-incorporation
  • Selection of proper Jurisdiction
  • Selection of proper company type & structure
  • Personal structures for shareholders
  • Shareholder’s agreement
  • Constitution of company
2. Incorporation
  • Compliance and client acceptance procedure
  • Incorporation and licensing(licensing might be a lengthy procedure depending on the nature of the license sought)
  • Bank account opening First minutes
  • Ratifications
3. Operations
  • Legal and Governance Compliance incl. transaction monitoring to comply with anti money laundering legislations
  • Drafting of contracts, PPMs, employment contracts, Service Level Agreements
  • Due diligence on stakeholders of the company Company secretarial
  • Preparation of board packs, board minutes and ensure proper statutory filing are complied with
  • Preparation of Management Accounts, Invoices, Pos and Ancillary Accounting Work
  • Financial Services
  • Assistance for debt and equity raise through preparation of business plans and liaising with Financial Institutions
  • Assistance for issuance of financial instruments