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Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance

Our team helps to identify your company’s specific needs and match these needs to the bank that is right for you.

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Through our in-house and external counsels, we offer a series of legal assistance to our clients including drafting and reviewing of agreements, sales deeds, company’s constitution, provision of assistance in legal and corporate regulatory affairs, provision of legal opinion under Mauritian laws as well as managing legal affairs across different jurisdictions.

To be in line with the laws of countries in which the specialist companies or funds are listed, several statutes must be adhered to. There exists also a series of disclosures, disclaimers and checks that must be complied with, before embarking investors. Through our internal compliance team and preferred partner, RiskPro Global, Capital Horizons can provide such services to clients and ensure that the structures under its management are fully in accordance with the law.

In this fast-evolving regulatory environment, it is more important now than ever to have a legal and compliant associate who resonate with your business and helps you grow efficiently. We at Capital Horizons, we also forecast the impact of any shift with regards to the compliance, regulatory and legal framework to help our client devise impregnable strategies that will sustain in the future.