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Our team help to identify your company’s specific needs and match these needs to the bank that is right for you.

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Today Family Office plays an important role in assisting families to oversee and manage their wealth.

Today Family Office plays an important role in assisting families to oversee and manage their wealth. The Financial Services Commission of Mauritius issued the financial services family office rules in 2020, where two main types of family office can exist: the Family Office (Single) (SFO) and the Family Office (Multiple) (MFO) License. As a matter of fact, family office is the new era of wealth management and Capital Horizons is here to cater for all your needs and help you attain your set goals.

In a SFO the investments, assets and estates of a Single Family are managed, whereas in MFO, Property and wealth of multiple families not necessary connected to one another are managed. At Capital Horizons, we are capable to cater for both licenses as an experienced and legitimate company.

As holder of the Family office License, Capital Horizons cater for the following among others:

  • Administer and manage investments, assets and/or estate(s)
  • Manage the accounting and reporting
  • Administer and manage philanthropic services
  • Cater for training & development of upcoming generations
  • Conduct and manage disaster recovery planning
  • Make sure compliance with domestic and international legislations is adhered
  • Establish impregnable family governance, wealth management strategies,
  • family board(s) including family charter(s)
  • Provide best tax advisory and compliance services
Our three-step approach

Our dedicated family office team provides a seamless and holistic approach to the challenges and opportunities that families face.

In a nutshell, we take care of the details so that you can enjoy the big picture!

Our Concept can be summarized as follows:
  • Step 1 – Asset Protection: To secure, protect and structure your current assets
  • Step 2 – Preservation, Growth and Transmission: To preserve and grow your wealth with the minimum risk while managing your lifestyle needs.
  • Step 3 – Succession Planning, Values, Reputation and Governance: Planning of your succession by ensuring that along with your wealth, your values are also transmitted thereby leaving behind your legacy.
Here is How we look after our families
a.Asset & Investment Management

Wealth creation and preservation being the main reason to set up a family office, our aim is to make decisions that earns clients the most profit possible.

  • Evaluate overall financial situation
  • Devise the best investment strategies as per family’s objective
  • Finding the right mix for asset allocation – both capital market & non-capital investing
  • Handle the banking relationships
  • Family liquidity Management
  • Provision for due diligence on investments
b.Financial & Tax Advisory

Tax & Finance has always been a great challenge for family office in recent years. At Capital Horizons, we embrace it as opportunities for our families to tap in. Our counsel, chartered certified accountant and finance professionals provide the best services:

  • Constructing a tax plan that maximize return from investment Ensure
  • Family Office is tax compliant
  • Debt syndication
  • Promotor Funding
  • Bridge & Structured Financing
c.Succession Planning

Ensuring a smooth succession and planning for future generation is essential.

  • Continuous support even during unanticipated disruption in client leadership
  • Development of formal knowledge sharing and training programs
  • Implement and integrate estate transfer plans
  • Structuring CSR platforms & programs
d.Estate and Wealth Transfer

How long have you been procrastinating about updating your estate plan? No need for it now, at Capital Horizons we take control of all the work, where you enjoy peace of mind.

  • Wealth protection, transfer analysis and planning for all types of assets and income sources
  • Tailor-made services for estate settlement and administration
  • Continuous family governance, wealth transfer & succession guidance
e.Family Charter

Adoption of a family charter, as objective to:

  • Formalize agreed structure and mission of the family business
  • Define roles & responsibilities of members
  • Devise policies and procedures with regards to family values
  • Cater for process to resolve serious business-related family disputes
f.Family Governance and Education

Having a proper governance within the family and ensuring that upcoming generations are well versed and have the proper knowledge is a must; Thus, Capital Horizons will;

  • Organize family meetings
  • Cater for the family education
  • Make sure the values are passed through the future generation
g.Administration and Record Keeping

Proper administrative and record keeping is key for the success of any business. These services include.

  • Support on general legal concerns
  • Invoice, Tax Payment & Reporting
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Employee Management & Benefit
  • Management of Public Relations matters
  • Adhere to the compliance norms
  • Annual performance reporting
  • Benchmark analysis
h.Compliance and Regulatory Assistance

As per requirements, a family office need to ensure strict compliance with prevailing regulations for investment, wealth management and overall business operation. Our preferred Partner caters for all the following:

  • Conduct compliance audit
  • Establish a corporate governance mechanism
  • Continuous monitoring of performance and compliance
  • Strengthen regulatory investment process
  • Regulatory compliance training
i.Risk Management & Insurance

For decade now, Capital Horizons has been helping clients manage risk and plan for the unexpected.
Here is why risk planning is crucial:

  • Minimize and eliminate property loss
  • Keeps the Family Office up and running
  • Protects assets, which could involve offshore accounts
  • Cater for proactive solutions through action plan
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Risk analysis, measurement, and reporting