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Wealth Management

Capital Horizons has simplified its approach to this part of the process and broken it down into four distinct phases

Reflect Upon:

Introductory email and invoice sent to the client and KYC documents are requested.

• What are your current assets/liabilities?
• How are they structured?
• What is the amount of investable income you are willing to allocate?
• Age of beneficiaries?
• How long are the beneficiaries from retirement?
• Would you focus on income generation or capital appreciation or a balance?
• What is the approximate loss over a one year period that you would consider acceptable?
• Safe investments do not usually outperform inflation rates and tend towards a decrease in purchasing power.
• What currencies will you require your income in?
• Very often, the amount of money available for investment competes with other interests. E.g. If the family decided to buy a jet, it is millions of dollars which will not be available as investable income.