Since we are Africa-focused and because we are licensed and headquartered in Mauritius, this is the jurisdiction in which we work the most

We recommend Mauritius as the choice of jurisdiction because of the following reasons:
  • Mauritius has signed DTAAs with 46 African countries, and more are in the process of being negotiated.
  • Mauritius has also signed Investment and Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPA) with a number of countries in Africa.
  • Mauritius is ranked 20 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings.
  • Preferred jurisdiction for investments in fast growing and emerging economies in Africa and Asia (India and China).
  • Member of COMESA/SADC & AGOA.
  • Strong banking environment with ability to open account in hard currency as well as African currencies (ZAR, NGN, ZMK).
  • No exchange control, and free repatriation of profits and capital.
  • Ability to structure debt and financial instruments.

Mauritius has built itself as an advantageous, safe and trusted jurisdiction for the conduct of business. It has consistently embraced the highest standards of international practices to make itself among the most open, competitive and low tax economies in the world.

As a member of the OECD white list Mauritius is firmly committed to improving transparency and establishing an effective exchange of information in tax matters. The OECD white list looks at jurisdictions from multiple angles; tax transparency, fair taxation, the implementation of OECD BEPS measures and substance requirements for zero-tax countries.

Mauritius appears amongst the only 3 jurisdictions (Ireland, Mauritius, Norway) which received an overall rating of “Compliant” as per the 2017 rankings of the Global Forum to launch a supplementary report on follow-up measures to ensure a higher level of compliance.

Types of Companies in Mauritius

Mauritius Domestic Company

Authorised Company

Limited Liability Partnership

Societe (Partnership)

GBC Company

Protected Cell Company

Hybrid Company