We at Capital Horizons have a culture of openness, trust and integrity in all our business practices

We adhere to four guiding principles:

1. To delight our customers.

2. To maintain the highest standards of corporate ethics.

3. To celebrate diversity at the workplace.

4. To promote corporate stewardship by giving back to the community.

Capital Horizons encourage independent thought and value individual contribution. If you have an idea, you will be listened to.

One of Capital Horizon’s long-term competitive advantages is the calibre of our people. We foster a culture of innovation, integrity and excellence that enables us to deliver bespoke financial services and technology solutions that our clients rely on to stay ahead of the game.

We take full advantage of the diversity afforded by our presence in 5 countries worldwide, and invest heavily in learning and development programmes to ensure our people are among the best in the industry, upholding our reputation for innovation, security and service excellence.

There’s also an opportunity to travel or work in different cities. However for now, our offices are located in South Africa, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates.