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Fund Services

Mauritius has established itself as a leading jurisdiction for setting up and administering funds. It is widely recognised by both fund managers and investors and is commonly used for structuring international investments, particularly into Africa and Asia

Capital Horizons offers a comprehensive range of fund administration services to a wide variety of fund types. These include regulated, unregulated, open and closed-end funds; and locally domiciled or non-domiciled in Mauritius. We have many years’ experience servicing real estate, private equity, mezzanine finance, fund of funds investment structures as well as hybrid and bespoke arrangements.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fund establishment
  • Compliance services
  • Director services
  • Trustee services for Promoters and investors
  • Listing services
  • Fund accounting and financial reporting
  • Investor services
  • Corporate governance and company secretarial
  • Management company services
  • Across those jurisdiction we assist in the establishment of the following forms of funds

Fund Establishment

  • Choice of jurisdiction and fund type
  • Define share classes
  • Draft constitution of the fund
  • Co-ordinating the launch of the fund structure
  • Operating review of constitutional documents
  • Drafting of private placement memorandum and share subscription agreements
  • Liaison between promoter, lawyers, regulators, tax advisors and auditors
  • Drafting operating procedures and SLAs
  • Continuity from the early stages to fund launch and on-going administration
  • Co-ordinating subsequent changes to the fund structure and operation

Net Asset Value (NAV) Services

  • Net Asset Value (NAV) Services
  • Cash and position reconciliation
  • Dividend and corporate action processing
  • Expense accrual management to class level
  • NAV reviewManagement and performance fee computations
  • Payment processing
  • Record maintenance
  • Preparation of Financial Statements

Compliance Services

  • Provision of MLRO, AMLRO and supporting functions
  • Tailored compliance review and reporting services
  • Advice on unusual transactions and events
  • KYC/CDD collection and ongoing monitoring

Investor Services

  • Tailored reporting services
  • Preparation of fund marketing material (pitch desk)
  • Maintenance of registers
  • Distribution of investor communications
  • Coordinating subscriptions, commitments and drawdowns
  • Arranging payment of dividends, distributions and redemptions
  • Organising and managing investor meetings

Corporate Governance and Company Secretarial

  • Tailored administration services to the fund, its holding vehicles and carry vehicles
  • Day-to-day administration of asset holding vehicles in multiple jurisdictions
  • Organising and attending board meetings and ancillary work
  • Arranging payments in accordance with fund documentation
  • Maintaining statutory registers and prime records
  • Ensuring local legal and regulatory compliance
  • Provision of regulated trustee services
  • Acting as an approved Mauritius Management Company