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Corporate Management

Our corporate management offer is based on 3 principles:
Governance, Substance & Reputation

With the OECD’s new criterias on the Based Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) as well as grater imposed by the common reporting standards (CRS), currently singed by 105 counties; and the various regulations surrounding international monetary transactions, you simple cannot afford to wrongly file your taxes, or fail to make certain disclosure or effect payments without a proper transaction monitoring. Today the greatest risk of a business is not failing to secure contracts ans being paid on time, but is the regulatory risks.

This is particular true for those working in non-equivalent jurisdiction as well as activities which are considered high risk, such as companies having government contracts.

Our philosophy has always been to break the complex into a simple set of tasks which allows you to follow through on the progress of company at each stage of its life. This can be broken down into:



Selection of proper Jurisdiction

Selection of proper company type & structure

Personal structures for shareholders

Shareholder’s agreement

Constitution of company



Compliance and client acceptance procedure

Incorporation and licensing(licensing might be a lengthy procedure depending on the nature of the license sought)

Bank account opening First minutes




Legal and Governance Compliance incl. transaction monitoring to comply with anti money laundering legislations

Drafting of contracts, PPMs, employment contracts, Service Level Agreements

Due diliengence on stakeholders of the company Company secretarial

Preparation of board packs, board minutes and ensure proper statutory filing are complied with

Preparation of Management Accounts, Invoices, Pos and Ancillary Accounting Work

Financial Services

Assistance for debt and equity raise through preparation of business plans and liaising with Financial Institutions

Assistance for issuance of financial instruments

Our Timeline

1. Acceptance of Quote

Introductory email and invoice sent to the client and KYC documents are requested.

• Acceptance of Quote
• Collate KYC documents
2. Acceptance of Client

Capital Horizons will request three possible company names and the client’s KYC documents.

• Client Acknowledgement Form
• Make payments as per invoice sent
• Management & Indemnity Agreements
• Nominee Agreement
3. Completion of Application

The Corporate Services Team will go ahead with the incorporation process once the Legal & Compliance Team has reviewed and approved the KYC documents.

• Source of Funds
• Consent of Director
• Consent of Shareholder
4. Incorporation & Licensing

The relevant authorities at this level are the Financial Services Commission and the Registrar of Companies. The documents noted to the right are sent to the client to secure her/his signature.

• First Minutes
• Authorized Signatory (for specimen signature)
5. Operations

Once the structure is set-up, Capital Horizons Ltd will provide ongoing support services to its client as shown on the right. Note that in the case of a GBC company, one person from CHL must have view access and shall be an authorized signatory on the account.

• Accounting services
• Legal solutions
• Company secretarial
• Compliance and regulatory affairs
• Governance
• Financial solutions*

KYC Documents

An Individual
1. Certified true copy of your passport (including the signature page).
2. Bank Reference Letter (the bank account has to have been opened for at least two years and it must state that the account has been maintained in a satisfactory manner).
3. Proof of Address (has to be less than three months old and a P.O. Box is not acceptable).
4. CV (including detailed employment history).
A Corporate Entity

Corporate Documents – certified copy of each of the following, if applicable:

1. Memorandum and Articles of Association (or equivalent).
2. Certificate of Incorporation (or equivalent).
3. Certificate of Good Standing (or equivalent).
4. Copy of Register of Directors.
5. Copy of Register of Members.
6. Copy of Authorised Signatory list.
7. Full documentations for each director and beneficial owner according to the nature of the party (whether individual, corporate, etc.).

The certification has to be executed as per the requirements of the Code on the Prevention of Money Laundering & terrorist Financing 2017 and should have the following details:

1. A statement confirming that the document is a true copy of original and that it has been seen and verified by the certifier (if you will be sending us a passport copy, the certification should also mention that the photo is of true likeness);
2. Certifier’s signature, date and rubber stamp;
3. Name in block beneath signature;
4. Indication of the profession, designation or capacity; and
5. Contact number/ email address.